Health Benefits

The health benefits of a yoga program are derived through the combination of breathing exercises, physical postures, quieting of the mind through meditation, and visualization of goals. More and more studies are being conducted each year on the benefits of preventative wellness programs. See health studies link for more information.

Energetic Benefits:

Calms central nervous system
Improves digestion & detoxification
Lowers blood pressure & heart rate
Improves immune function by reducing stress
Increases lung capacity & respiration

Physical Benefits:

Increases strength & flexibility
Improves range of motion in joints
Improves blood circulation
Prevents & treats lower back pain
Corrects posture

Mental Benefits:

Improves concentration
Improves sleeping patterns
Builds confidence by improving coordination & balance
Quiets chatter in the mind
Calms mind & reduces stress

Emotional Benefits:

Reduces anxiety & depression
Promotes positive behavioral choices
Balances emotions
Clarifies goals & higher purpose
Enhances inner peace

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