Wellness at Your Desk Challenge

Learn how to become healthier and more joyful while sitting at your desk

If You Are One of the Millions of Busy Professionals that Experiences Stress, This is the Program that You Have Been Waiting for!

In 21 days, you will completely transform the way you feel and perform in your life. This online wellness challenge is designed to inspire you to live a healthier, happier life.


You will learn simple exercises to do at your desk whenever you need a break to alleviate muscle tension from sitting all day. You will also learn breathing and meditation techniques for reducing stress that you can easily use throughout the day. And most importantly, you will discover how to completely shift your mindset to create more joy, success, opportunities and abundance in your life.

Here’s What You’ll Learn:

  • Simple Exercises to do at Your Desk to Alleviate Muscle Tension
  • Amazing Techniques for Banishing Stress from Your Life
  • Mindset Hacks to Replace Fear & Anger with Joy & Prosperity
  • Meditation Practices for Calming the Mind & Improving Focus
  • Strategies for Connecting to Greater Inspiration & Creativity
  • Techniques for Overcoming Obstacles & Discovering Your Purpose
  • Productivity & Business Strategies to Become More Successful


How Would You Like an Online Wellness Initiative that Covers all Areas of Wellness?

21 Days to Less Stress at Your Desk is an online course that addresses physical, mental and emotional well-being. This program teaches a variety of techniques and strategies to improve the way you feel and perform at work and at home. The idea is to teach you how to make small changes in your daily routine to support a healthier work life balance.


It Takes 21 Days to Create a New Habit

This 21-day challenge provides a new 10-minute video to watch each day for 21 working days. These inspirational videos are designed to be short and engaging, so that you can watch them during a quick break in your day. The idea is to inspire you to implement the small changes you learn into your daily routine to positively affect your health and performance. It’s truly amazing what can be achieved in 10 short minutes!

You can either watch the videos on your own, or grab some colleagues to watch them together as a group in a conference room. We have found that turning it into a group activity increases the engagement and effectiveness of the program.


Implementing an Online Wellness Initiative has Never Been Easier! 

21 Days to Less Stress at Your Desk is one of the simplest programs for you to roll out to your team. Because it’s web-based, there is no software to download or complicated programs to learn. We provide everything you need from program customization and registration emails to flyers and reporting. All of your employees can participate, regardless of their location. You can even use this program for your international teams as well!


If you’re ready to let go of stress and improve your work life balance, you’ll love the practical and easy-to-implement suggestions and techniques in this program. Get started with 21 Days to Less Stress at Your Desk for only $97. This will be the best investment you’ve made in yourself in a long time. Corporate group pricing is also available upon request.

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