Wellness at Your Desk Challenge

Learn how to become healthier and more joyful while sitting at your desk

The purpose of this exciting program is to inspire you to make small healthy changes in your daily routine at the office to improve the way you feel, your energy levels, your ability to focus, your motivation and drive to succeed, and to provide a huge boost to your confidence and overall happiness.

This program is specifically designed for busy professionals who sit at a desk all day. We often have high levels of stress, which is either coming from our career, home life, relationships, health, finances, family, or all of the above. It’s hard to find time to exercise or eat healthy. The worst part is that so many of us are already suffering from the health effects of stress without even realizing it! But it’s time for all of that to change… Here’s how!



You will learn simple exercises to do at your desk whenever you need a break to alleviate muscle tension from sitting all day. You will also learn breathing and meditation techniques for reducing stress that you can easily use throughout the day. And most importantly, you will discover how to completely shift your mindset to create more joy, success, opportunities and abundance in your life.



This is an online wellness event that includes a series of daily videos to inspire you to live a healthier, happier life. All videos are bite-sized at 10-minutes long, making it easy to fit into your workday.


Week 1: Introduction to Mindset, Desk Stretches & Meditation 

  • Monday:  Chair Yoga at Lunch
  • Tuesday:  Evening Mindset – Introduction
  • Wednesday:  Evening Mindset – Banishing Fear From Your Life
  • Thursday:  Chair Yoga at Lunch
  • Friday:  Meditation at Lunch
  • Saturday:  Morning Gratitude Practice
  • Sunday:  Afternoon Nutrition Demo

Week 2:  Going Within

  • Monday:  Stress Reduction Breathing Exercise at Lunch
  • Tuesday:  Evening Mindset – Eliminate Limiting Beliefs
  • Wednesday:  Evening Mindset – Creating a Healthy Relationship with Money
  • Thursday:  Chair Yoga at Lunch
  • Friday:  Meditation at Lunch
  • Saturday:  Morning Breathing Exercise
  • Sunday:  Afternoon Nutrition Demo

Week 3:  Mastering Your Mindset 

  • Monday:  Tennis Ball Massage at Lunch
  • Tuesday:  Evening Mindset – Vision Exercise
  • Wednesday:  Evening Mindset – Overcoming Obstacles & Finding Your Purpose
  • Thursday:  Goal Setting & Rewriting Your Story at Lunch
  • Friday:  Chair Yoga & Meditation at Lunch
  • Saturday:  Morning Getting Organized & Staying Stress Free at the Holidays
  • Sunday:  Afternoon Creating Your Wellness Plan


  • Daily Inspiration
  • Business & Work Life Balance Tips
  • Wellness Challenges
  • Daily Mindset Practices
  • Break & Water Reminders Sent via Email
  • Healthy Recipes



Learn how to shift your mindset to create more joy and success in your life. Get all 3 weeks of the program for only $129!! That’s only $10 per week to completely transform the way you feel.


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